Pro Bono

Pro Bono On 17 May 2017, PRO BONO ITALIA was born, the first association that brings together law firms, lawyers, trainee lawyers and legal associations joined by the same goal: the promotion of a pro bono culture in our country.

For us, being lawyers also means providing a real social contribution the surrounding community, including with strictly voluntary and free services, without discrimination, provided to disadvantaged persons and/or non-profit organizations that pursue public interest aims.

The project was created in the context of round table discussions between professionals organized in Italy, thanks in part to the constant support of PILnet – a global network in defense of international rights.


  • To provide legal assistance to non-profit organizations that pursue public interest aims;
  • To promote the progress of the public good;
  • To protect human rights;
  • To improve the legal system.

Clearinghouses that operate in Italy and abroad, such come CILD and CSVnet, will coordinate the activities with the duty of filtering requests for pro bono assistance, addressing them to competent professionals in the relevant sectors.

The association will organize meetings and training activities on social, cultural and legal issues in support of pro bono culture.

We are proud to be among the Association’s founders.

Gianluca Albè

Head of Pro Bono A&A

General Secretary of Pro Bono Italia