Studio A&A

Our law firm is made by people

First of all, here you will find persons, not only professionals.

We believe in open and constant dialogue, we build relationships of trust with our clients.

Our organization is streamlined and dynamic, and guarantees precise, immediate and exact responses for our clients.

We assist small, medium and large companies in every sector, and help people in their individual problems.

We adhere to Asla Best Practice, an association that brings together the main associated law firms operating in Italy, and we obtained the Certification in accordance with the Good Governance Regulations: Professional Conduct Certified, compiled by ASLA and RINA Service.

We have also obtained the certification according to UNI/PdR 33:2017 “Law Firms – organisational principles and risk management related to the exercise of the profession”. The certification, promoted by ASLA in collaboration with UNI, the Italian body of Standardization was awarded to us by RINA Service, as an independent certification body.

We are part of Next Law Global Referral Network, an international network of law firms that promotes contacts and collaborations between professionals.

Our mission

We are always on the front lines.
It is essential for us to establish and maintain a relationship of mutual trust with our clients.
We sit next to our clients and share our skills to reach a common goal: we are certain that every problem has a solution.
We work with this optimism because we believe in our work and have a strong passion that drives us to give our absolute best every day.
We seek to make the most complex questions simple.
We are not, and do not want to be, abstract and far-off, but rather concrete and close; this is a point of pride.