Privacy – personal data protection

Our Law Firm provides advisory services on the protection of personal data in a wide range of sectors with a specific focus on the processing of data in health care, social assistance, schools, entertainment and media, private guard services, tourist services and academic and professional training.

In particular, we provide assistance for all requirements set by European Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR) and by other regulations in the field, in order to make the organization compliant.

Our Law Firm has professionals with proven experience in the “privacy” sector and in labour law, and also provides assistance for all matters of compliance regarding worker protection. These include requirements linked to video surveillance (from the preparation of the notices to the processing of the personal data, the impact assessment, assistance in the authorization procedure at the ITL or agreements with local labor union representatives pursuant to Art. 4 of the Workers Statute) and the preparation of policies for the use of IT tools.

We also provide training on the subject and assistance in relations with the Data Protection Authority.