Real estate

Our Law Firm assists clients in evaluating all aspects relating to real estate operations, the upgrading and development of residential, commercial, tourist/hotel and industrial areas and in the development of the financial structure, managing the preparation and negotiation of all contracts: real estate transactions, exchanges, tenders, leases, gratuitous use, mortgages, loans and guarantees.

We conduct analysis and evaluation of urban planning and environmental laws, with examination of urban planning and administrative issues linked to the development and acquisition of real estate complexes.

Our Law Firm provides consultancy for all aspects regarding environmental problems (such as reclamation of soil, subsoil, surface waters and underground waters, and the identification of the obligors).

Our activity regards all property rights, legal and/or conventional community of property regimes, easements, usufruct, possession and usucapion, legal distances, windows and views as well as lease and condominium matters, including relationships with the building manager and other owners and residents.

We assist clients in litigation regarding all aspects of real estate and construction law, including execution pursuant to Art. 2932 Civil Code, warranties and liability between seller and buyer, also under special laws, warranties and liability of the designers, contractor and principal, evictions due to default and end of lease, recognition of usucapion, violation of legal distances, and actions for defense of possession.