Health and social assistance law

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, in the field of health and social assistance law our LF deals with:

  • Assistance in authorization and validation procedures of health facilities, as well as in contractual relationship with the Public Administration;
  • Consultancy in the elaboration of partnership models and in development of projects for participation in national and international tenders and procedures;
  • Consultancy in the risk management in the health sector;
  • Support in matters of liability for malpractice claims;
  • Job relationships also under the social security aspect, as well as for work and health safety;
  • Industrial relationship and negotiation of first and second level agreements in the business field, as well as in administrative, regional and ministerial level;
  • Procedures of company transfer, restructuring, reorganization and use of social safety nets;
  • Assistance in the drafting and implementation of the organization, management and control models, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001;
  • Advice on the protection of personal data with a specific focus on health data and scientific research;
  • Drafting of contracts, sponsorship and subsidy reports, patronage and partnership;
  • Arrangement of hospitalization contracts and forms for the collection of informed consent to the medical act;
  • Assistance in protection of fragile people;
  • Litigation in all orders and levels of the indicated matters;
  • Formation;
  • Monitoring of regulatory production to highlight critical issues and develop strategic solutions.