Labour and social insurance

Our Law Firm provides advisory and assistance for the ‘daily’ management of all aspects of subordinate employment and independent employment relationships.

Our Law Firm prepares contracts in close collaboration with the client, including special subordinate employment contracts (fixed-term, part-time, apprenticeship) and letters of employment, independent employment contracts (collaboration and self-employed professionals), non-competition agreements, confidentiality and stability agreements, secondment agreements, transfer orders, communications of changes in job duties, and compensation incentive plans.

We assist the client in every phase of disciplinary proceedings and all aspects related to the termination of subordinate employment relationships, dealing in particular with the communications regarding dismissal and related procedures.

With the careful attention demanded by technological evolution, our Law Firm draws up company regulations and policies for the use of IT tools (electronic mail, internet).

We also deal with labour union agreements and administrative requests for the installation of video surveillance and remote monitoring devices and the recording of personal data, preparing the relevant regulations.

Our Law Firm manages industrial relations, including participating directly in the negotiation phase with labour union representatives. We draw up collective contracts and second-level agreements (proximity, performance bonuses, welfare).

Our Law Firm assists clients in legal disputes throughout the national territory relating to subordinate and independent employment relationships and agency contracts, as well as litigation for anti-union conduct.

Our Law Firm manages processes of company reorganization, dealing with labour law aspects in the context of acquisitions and transfers of businesses and business units.

We accompany clients in collective bargaining procedures at the company and at the administrative, regional and ministerial levels for the management of redundancies of personnel (temporary unemployment benefits, collective dismissal).

Our Law Firm offers advisory on social insurance manners and assists clients in disputes with INPS, INAIL and the Labour Inspectorate at both the administrative and judicial level.

Our Law Firm assists clients also for the stipulation of commercial contracts governed by labour laws such as agency contracts, business procurement contracts, works contracts and subcontracting.